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Plastic Tube Clear Acrylic Tube Acryl-Satine Tube Polycarbonate Tube
Plastic Rod Clear Acrylic Rod Bubble Acrylic Rod
Plastic Profile All Plastic Profile
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90º Angle Profile
Plastic Disc Clear Perspex Disc
Plastic Adhesive Adhesive

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Welcome to Clear Plastic Supplies!

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Since 2006 Clear Plastic Supplies has grown to become one of the largest UK stockists of extruded acrylic tube and rod. Supplying cast and extruded Clear Acrylic Tube, Acryl-Satine Tube, Polycarbonate Tube, Clear Acrylic Rod, Bubble Acrylic Rod and Plastic Profile... We offer the highest quality Acrylic products. Price lists can be found on the menu to the left. For larger orders email us for a competitive quote. A cutting service is available - contact us for a quote.

Clear Plastic Supplies offer:

  • Next day delivery

  • Extremely competitive prices

  • Highest quality Acrylic products

  • Large stock levels

  • Cutting service

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