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Material Information

We supply Polymethyl-Methacrylate (PMMA), more commonly known as Acrylic.
PMMA/Acrylic is sold by many trade names including Acrylex, Acrylic Glass, Acrylite, Acrylplast, Altuglas, Limacryl, Lucite, Oroglass, Per-Clax, Perspex, Plazcryl, Plexiglass, Polycast, and R-Cast.
We supply Plexiglass and Perspex material.

We supply high quality impact resistant Extruded tubes up to 300mm in diameter, and Cast tubes of larger diameters up to 1000mm.

Our tubes are food safe.

Melting point: 130–140 °C (265–285 °F)
Boiling point: 200.0 °C (392 °F)

PMMA is often used as an alternative to glass, it is often preferred because of its higher impact strength, easy handling and processing. Scratches may easily be removed by polishing.
PMMA has excellent environmental stability compared to other plastics such as polycarbonate, and is therefore often the material of choice for outdoor applications.

  • Shopfitting
  • Architectural design
  • Art/design applications
  • Lighting
  • TV/Film Prop
  • Trade stand/Retail Display
  • Fish tank/Pond filters
  • Fish tower/bridge
  • Candle moulds
  • Bio fuel applications
  • Hand rail
  • Curtain rail
  • Table centrepiece
  • Wedding cake tiers
  • Snake catcher
  • Drum stick holder
  • Dolls house bird feeders
  • Pet/Ferret run
  • Water fountain
  • Invisible tap
  • Willy wonka cane
  • Night-club feature
  • Game equipment

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Clear Plastic Tube
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